The store was born out of my personal need to bring to the world the shades of black. Which is unique to the period and a world filled with passion, mysterious and dark.

A place where everyone can find the product that is coveted for him that expresses his self in this world.

expression that will be complete in the dark style that characterizes the majestic and majestic punk. The difficulty was finding someone who would satisfy my whole need.

And especially to the taste of the fascinating and dark style of the Gothic world.

 The attraction to the Gothic world has existed since I can remember.

This site will bring you a wide range of Gothic fashion at its best with all the intriguing and changing currents.


Gothic fashion is a dress style composed by members of the Gothic subculture; Dark, sometimes morbid, erotic, dark and gray, silvery and golden. And mainly meets the expectations of friends who come here and can ask for any style.

This is my passion!! That's what I love!! Create and impart mystical and gothic experiences of clothing.

I have the desire to bring the best and most worthwhile items.

And with excellent customer service and always available.